Simple Ways To Organize Your Pen Or Pencil Collection

As pen and pencil collectors, we’ve all been there. Over time you manage to amass a sizable, not-to-mention visually impressive, collection of pens and pencils (or you’re at least well on your way), but exactly how and where to display them remains a mystery of sorts.

You wonder: Do I keep them on my desk, where adoring eyes- including your own- can admire them tirelessly? Or in a drawer where they’ll remain protected and safe from damage, and sticky finger specialists? Will an ordinary box fit the bill? Or do I need something more?

Balancing your desire to display your pens or pencils with your need to keep them protected can be tricky. But here a few options that will allow you to do both.

Pen Boxes

Pen Box


If you’d like to display your pen or pencil collection on your desk, pen boxes are a great solution. With many offering hinged and glass lids, you can still show off your collection and keep it protected. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Pen Shelves

Image: FountainPenNetworkForums

If you have the space, and a collection worthy of the attention (see above), then pen shelves offer another interesting way to display your pens. Having multiple shelves and dividers can also provide a great way to organize your collection by style, brand, etc.

Pen Cabinets

Image: Fountain Pen Network

Image: Fountain Pen Network

For you die-hard collectors, pouches, boxes, and not even shelves will do. You pros require the big-boys- pen cabinets. Typically made from wood or metal, these multi-shelf units offer a great way to protect, organize, and keep track of 100s of pens and pencils. They’re also a great motivator for adding to your collection. 🙂

Pen Pouches


If portability is a concern, pen pouches are definitely the way to go. Available in materials ranging from felt to leather, they’re a great way to safely carry around your favorite pens and pencils.


Our Eco-Display is another unique way to display your pens and pencils. Made from 100% Bamboo, this stand is  a great way to display your pens while keeping them safe from rubbing and scratching. We unfortunately no longer carry the Eco-Display, but you may still be able to find them at your local Retro 51 retailer.

How do you organize and store your pens and pencils? Do you use any of the methods we listed here, or do you have another system in place? Share your ideas with us here and on our Facebook page.


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4 responses to “Simple Ways To Organize Your Pen Or Pencil Collection

  1. Colin

    I have my collection displayed in vintage retail countertop display cases made in the 40’s and 50’s from several pen companies.

    • Hi Colin, I have my Dad’s old pen and pencil collection from the 1940s, 50s and 1960s. Could you take a picture of the vintage retail countertop display cases you use? I would really appreciate it! Or if you know of how I might find something like you’re talking about.

    • Hi Colin, would you mind sharing a picture of the vintage retail countertop display cases that you use? I have my dad’s old pen and pencil collection from the 50s and 60s and am trying to figure out how to display them. Thank you! Sarah

  2. Looks like the pen shelves are from Jonathan Veley’s mechanical pencil museum and the pen case is mine. It holds 110 pens per drawer for a total capacity of around 2310 pens plus a bottom drawer which is double high for boxed sets and small ink bottles, a drawer for paper ephemera, and a drawer for parts. And no, it is not full just yet. 🙂

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