Caption Contest!


Welcome to the first of four contests to win a Vintage Metasmith Tornado. Simply add a caption comment below and the Retro 51 team will vote for the most creative, unique, funny comment that goes with this photo. The winner will win the Lincoln, vintage copper, Tornado!

Contest ends on Wednesday evening at midnight. Good luck and have fun!



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32 responses to “Caption Contest!

  1. jameswhunt

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


    Episode 1:
    Vintage Copper

  2. Mike Gfeller

    Retro 51 had a pen
    and held contests again and again
    It was quite a distraction
    with its bubbled refraction
    I’m hoping this time I will win!

  3. Wolfy

    A new discovery in the universe of pen and ink has arrived!

  4. Joel Berger

    To infinity…and beyond!

  5. Mark Freeman

    Boldly going where no pen has gone before!!!

  6. To infinity, and write on!

  7. Randy

    Keep your chin up. Be Bold! And reach for the stars!

  8. Maja Furlong

    A writing experience that’s out of this world……

  9. “Preparing to dock with IIS…”

  10. “In science news today, the Hubble telescope has finally found the center of the known universe.”

    (I didn’t see any prohibition for multiple entries.)

  11. “To pinfinity, and beyond!”

  12. “four score and seven…this is a nice pen!”

  13. The prism reflection, of the Retro after glow stretches across the night sky.

  14. Chandra Halko

    New, from JJ.Abrams – a remastering of the 1951 film ‘Star Nib’; featuring Metasmith Tornado as Captain Lincoln.

  15. cth11

    Retro was the only one tearing up the dance floor that night…

  16. Michael Hourigan

    The Lincoln Metasmith Tornado:
    An out-of-this-world pen for worldly writers.

    Here’s Lincoln at you, kid.

  17. Deric B.

    Monitoring solar storms… the astrologists stared in amazement as they witnessed their first ever space Tornado.

  18. Deric B.

    Monitoring solar storms… the astrologists stared in amazement as they took in one of the most beautiful sights they had ever seen… their first ever space Tornado.

  19. Naomi Senkbeil

    Vintage Metasmith Tornado: With a stroke of this pen, you’ll create a Universe too.

  20. Mary

    “Write me to the moon.”

  21. Lisa C

    From the darkness comes a bold writing instrument.

  22. professionalgun

    A brutal slaying – further proof that the PEN is truly mightier. . .

    . . .than the Photoshop lens flare.

  23. jansabella

    “Roger that Houston, Lincoln Tornado, Firing Retro Rockets!”

  24. richard houston

    Space, the final pentier. These are the voyages of the Starship Retroprise. It’s ONGOING mission: to explore strange new pens, to seek out new ink and new penciltions, to boldly go where no writing instrument has gone before.

  25. m.

    So is this a pen with lens flares or lens flares with a pen?

  26. Maja Furlong

    A design with universal appeal…..The amazing Retro 51 Tornado.

  27. Joe Austen

    Retro 51: the sun shines out of its brass.

  28. Sandy Hunter

    The Lincoln Tornado, above, is ingeniously crafted using compressed aerospace-grade pennies.

  29. Jayson Masanobu Brazell

    “This galaxy is filled with ugly pens, full torpedo forward!”

    Cheesy I know!

  30. Dan B.

    We need more lensflare, more I say!

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