Yellow, Yell-oooohhh

Retro’s colors have always been blue and yellow. It’s one of our favorite colors so this blog post is devoted to the color yellow and some of the most recognizable yellow objects:

The fun and quirky rubber ducky we all had as a kid. Have you seen the huge one in Hong Kong?
Corn and Bananas


Mustard anyone?

Big Bird and Tweety Bird


Yield to school buses
Here are just some of the yellow pens we have created over two decades…
What are other famous yellow objects? What does yellow stand for to you?

Thanks for reading and…


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One response to “Yellow, Yell-oooohhh

  1. For some reason, I just started thinking about music when I read this: the songs that came to mind were “Mellow Yellow” and “Yellow Submarine.” Thanks for bringing a smile to my face as I was humming both songs!

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