Thanksgiving Caption Contest


It’s that time of year where we sit down together as a family, eat an amazing meal and count our blessings. We are thankful for our fans and customers and want to give back to you! What better way than with a caption contest and a chance to win one of three Tornado pens, and a few laughs at the same time. So this Thanksgiving, gather your family around and come up with a caption for each of these funny vintage Thanksgiving images.


1. Comment/write a caption for one or all of the images

2. Identify which photo your writing for a caption for, IE Photo#1, #2, #3

3. Two captions maximum for each photo. (Up to 6 Entries per person)

4. Most creative, funny, unique, clever, off-the-wall… wins

5. Contest ends Sunday, December 1st at 11:59 PM


The winner for each photo gets to choose from the Vintage Metalsmith collection:



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26 responses to “Thanksgiving Caption Contest

  1. Donna Eagan

    Photo # 3. I thought the stork brought us!!!

  2. Maja Furlong

    Photo #2: “Back to school fashions” page from the 1620 Sears catalogue.

  3. Maja Furlong

    Photo #1: Before she blew out the turkey-shaped birthday candle, Susie wished for a new Retro 51 pen.

  4. Brantley Blair

    # 3. Susie: Grandma, how do they get all those drugs across the border?
    Grandma: Well Susie, let me show you.
    Susie: Ohhhhhh…

  5. Brantley Blair

    #1. Little did Karen know that Mr. Bojangles, the family dog, would never be seen again.

  6. Brantley Blair

    #2. Discovery’s new show, “Growing up Puritan,” surprisingly was never picked up for a second season.

  7. Brantley Blair

    #3. Susie’s reaction to where the stuffing goes paled in comparison to that which Mr. Turkey would soon give.

  8. #2 “Don’t worry, Penny. If they make us eat all these vegetables, I have a double cheeseburger hidden under my hat.”

  9. Steve Ellis

    #1. Life’s to short for an ugly turkey
    #2 We got an ugly pen
    #3. You put a pen where?

  10. Maja Furlong

    Photo #1: Another happy Thanksgiving in Stepford, Connecticut!

  11. Brantley Blair

    #1 If only we could see the look on little Kathy’s face when she finds out it is really Tofurkey.

  12. Brantley Blair

    #2. If we hold very still, no one will notice these ridiculous hats.

  13. #3 – “If you don’t give my Tornado back Timmy, you’re gonna end up like that turkey there…”

  14. Mary

    #1 “Wait until they find out it’s plastic.”
    #2 Oh my gourd!
    #3 Are you SURE that’s where babies come from, grandma?

  15. Sandy Hunter

    #3: Um… when mom said to stuff the turkey, I don’t think she meant you should use Fluffy!

  16. 1) What a nice shiny lacquer. 2) I see a Tornado in the distance. 3) It’s just like putting an ink cartridge in a pen, isnt it?

    Collectively, a Thanksgiving glimpse into the past of the future staff of Retro 51.

  17. onewhitestripe

    3) Oh granny, there’s no way I’m eating that!

  18. Richard Dzao

    Photo #2. Screw the Turkey where’s the presents?

    Photo 3. Good godly, poor Turkey had to much stuffing up his butt. No wonder we had to cook him.

  19. Maja Furlong

    Photo #2: Wanted superhero costumes…….
    Got “pilgrimwear”.

  20. Ryan Dearing

    #1 I hope she likes her new feather pillow!
    #1 Hurry and take the photo…this turkey is heavy and little Suzie didn’t brush her teeth this morning!

    #2 Little Boy: I should have worn my Superman Shirt with this cape!
    #2 Little Girl: I am so sophisticated…I have two bow ties on at the same time.

    #3 I am thankful for Stove Top Stuffing!
    #3 So that’s why they call it stuffing!

  21. Sharon A.

    #3 I hope we’re not next!

  22. Cat Que

    #2 “Hey Honey Boo Boo, they’re trying to feed us veggies. I’ll find us a pic-a-nic basket. I’m smarter than the average Pilgrim!”

  23. michael peel

    Photo #1: An exuberant father explains it this way to his young daughter… “Look Mary, Don’t you just love Retro 51’s new holiday-themed packaging!”

  24. michael peel

    Photo #2: Watching mom dress that turkey with all those levers and pulleys… makes us really really scared…

  25. michael peel

    A note for the Retro 51 folks, I completed my captions at 8:25pm to 8:35pm Arizona time on Sunday night the 1st, however, for some reason the blog posted a time of 3:29am and 3:34am respectively on the 2nd, not sure why?? I have a screen capture if that helps… Thanks for the contest.

    michael peel

  26. #1 ‘take your arm out of the turkey dear’
    #3 ‘ewww! Gross’

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