Pop Contest – Retro Quiz

THIS CONTEST IS NOT TIMED! It will run from now until Sunday evening at 11:59 PM, January 3rd.


How well do you know about Retro 1951, the products and even our retailers? Whoever gets the highest score on this wins!

(Do NOT comment with the answers! You may only enter once and cannot email later with a revised answer)

The prizes:

1st Place will get the Twinkle Tornado

2nd Place gets a Classic Lacquer Tornado of their choice


Fill in the blank:
1. Fine writing pens with __________ and Grace!

2. With each Bamboo Tornado sold, a donation has been made to the ______ _____ Foundation to rescue 250 square feet of rainforest.

3. The _______ Tornado has a click-action top with Easy Flow ballpoint refill.

4. Hot Coffee is a Tornado exclusively sold by _______.

5. The ________ Tornado has a hounds-tooth pattern acid-etched on the barrels.

Multiple Choice:
6. Scriptura’s exclusive Tornado has what city’s name on it?
A. New York
B. Dallas
C. New Orleans
D. Los Angeles

7. Which of these pens are NOT a Retro product?
A. Scriptmaster
B. Twisteez
C. Abbondanza
D. Double Eight

8. Which Retro Dealer sells the Paws Pen (Tornado)?
A. iPenStore
B. WhataPen
C. Pen Harmony
D. None of the Above

9. What brand license have we made pens for in the past?
A. Hello Kitty
B. Peanuts
C. Marvel
D. Disney

10. Which retailer sells an annual Cherry Blossom Tornado?
A. Fahrney’s Pens
B. Pens ’N Productivity
C. Michael’s
D. All of the above

11. Which Retailers are currently selling an exclusive Tornado(s)?
A. Paradise Pen
B. Airline International
C. Fahrney’s
D. All of the above

11. What is the name of the Tornado Popper with comic sound graphics printed on the barrel?

12. How many of the Nine Lives were produced?

13. What suit is the King in the Royale series?

14. What year did Retro 1951 start business?

15. What is the name of Anderson Pen’s exclusive Tornado design?

17. How many Buzzards are on the Nightwalkerz Tornado?

18. What is the name of the dog that comes to Retro on a daily basis?

19. How many Cherry Blossom Tornado designs have been made so far to date?


20. How much does 100 Green Tornadoes in their packaging weigh?

Good Luck!

1. Fleetness
2. Arbor Day
3. Snapper
4. Goldspot Pens
5. Vintage Metalsmith “Jackie”
6. c) New Orleans
7. b) Twisteez
8. a) iPenStore
9. d) Disney
10. a) Fahrney’s Pens
11. d) All of the above
11. Splat!
12. 999
13. Spades
14. 1990
15. Terabyte Tornado
17. 6
18. Beagle
19. 9
. 16.2 pounds or 259 ounces


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5 responses to “Pop Contest – Retro Quiz

  1. Maja

    You’ve got two #11 questions (do I get a bonus point for spotting that? 😉

    Happy New Year 2016!

  2. Maja

    ….and no #16!
    Are there gremlins at work in the Retro 51 offices?

  3. Deb

    Hey, guys!

    I already have the Twinkle pen, and I think I have all the classic lacquers as well. If I win, I’m hoping we can work something out, but I just wanted to get in on the fun. By the way, nice article in Pen World!!!

    Oh, and thanks again for the Christmas pen.


  4. Ryan G

    Will the winner be announced?

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