NEW Tornado Popper – Zodiac



We can’t tell you what your future will bring, but we know cool stuff awaits you! The Zodiac twist-top rollerball is decorated with all twelve (western) zodiac signs that is complimented with matte black nickel accents. The stealth style and smooth writer can be utilized for several tasks, but more importantly, it will be a catalyst to capture your dreams. Each Zodiac comes packaged in a matching tube and is numbered on the top ring. Act fast though because only 812 were made and it will sell out.




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4 responses to “NEW Tornado Popper – Zodiac

  1. Maja

    Great design! A couple of questions, though:
    (a) do the stars actually glow in the dark? (as one online retailer of these pens claims)
    (b) what is the significance (if any) of the # of pieces (812) to which this model is limited? I recently bought the wonderful Retro 51 “Surfin'” Popper and it was limited to 1,261 pieces and that had me scratching my head, too.

    • Thanks Maja, glad you like the design. (a.) Yes the stars do glow in the dark but it’s not the strongest glow because it was printed on black. (b.) The 8″12″ is significant for twelve western zodiac signs. The 800 part does not have any significance. The Surfin Popper’s 1261 was significant because in December 1961(get it 12-61) the Beach Boys hit the scene with their first hit of “Surfin.”

      • Maja

        Thanks for the quick reply! The “12” makes perfect sense in the “812” # of pens made for the Zodiac model. Ditto for the “1261” # of Surfin’ Poppers made, as well 🙂 As for the glow-in-the-dark feature of the Zodiac model, I think a softer glow sometimes looks more appealing. Both are wonderful designs. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Maja, appreciate the kind feedback!

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