Retro 51 Bracket Challenge

Now that March Madness is in full swing, it’s time to fill out a bracket with your predictions of who you think will go all the way.  Basketball you say?  No!  We’re talking fan favorite Retro pens here.  To find out which Retro pen of is really #1, we bring you the Retro 51 Bracket Challenge! 

Simply follow these rules and enjoy watching the pens face off in a daily vote. Can you predict which designs will be the favorites? Will your favorite design be voted the #1 Retro? Sign up according to the rules below and see how to win these coveted prizes.


  1. Print out the bracket and fill in which designs you think will win each round. (OR fill out the Retro51_Bracket Challenge Excel File).
  2. Email your bracket (photo of handwritten version OR Excel file) to before the Wednesday 3/20 at 8 am CDT DEADLINE.
  3. Come back daily and vote (via social media sites) for each pen’s face offs. The design(s) with the most votes after 24 hours will be the winner and advance to the next round.
  4. Keep track of your score to see how well you are doing.
  5. One entry per person


Photo references (download here):




Each round will receive points for the number of correct predicted winners.

Round 1 –  2 points per correct predicted winner

Round 2 –  4 points

Round 3 – 8 points

Round 4 – 16 points

Round 5 (Final) – 32 points


The winners with the most points will win the following:

Grand Prize: Abbondanza 10th Anniversary Ebonite Rollerball/Fountain Pen with Titanium Nib. This was a limited edition of 351 pieces from 1990 produced in Italy.


Second Place: 10th Anniversary Titanium Tornado Rollerball – Limited Edition of 1951 pieces from 1990 in the original packaging.

Third Place – Fifth Place: Choice of 15th Anniversary Deco Gift Set, 15th Anniversary Etched Tornado or 20th Anniversary Copper Tornado with keyring token.

Sixth & Seventh Place – If you took part in the contest, we’ll randomly choose two winners to get any left over anniversary Tornado prizes from the 3rd and fifth place prize level.

Good Luck!


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8 responses to “Retro 51 Bracket Challenge

  1. Maja

    Thanks for another fun contest and the opportunity to win some great Retro 51 prizes! 😀 Honestly, it was really tough choosing the “winners” of each bracket because the designs are all winners in my book (and no, I’m not trying to win any brownie points lol 😉

  2. Heidi

    Woo-hoo!! Entered – can’t wait to play! Who needs basketball anyway? 🙂

  3. Mary

    Just a heads up: The “Print out” bracket doesn’t show a matchup between the final two like the Excel spreadsheet does. (i.e., The Print Out bracket shows the final 4 then the Champion)

  4. Directions read “Wednesday 3/20” but 3/20 is a Tuesday.

  5. Maja

    The contest deadline says “Wednesday 3/20 at 8 am CDT”
    but 3/20 is today (Tuesday).
    Did you mean Wed 3/21, perhaps?
    If so, the dates on the bracket sheets—-both online and Excel— are off by one day, as well. I entered a few days ago, so I’m not worried I missed the deadline, but some other folks might be.

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