NEW Tornado Popper – Dynasty


According to historians, blue and white earthenware originated as early as the seventh century during the Tang Dynasty and became broadly popular in the 13th century during the Yuan Dynasty. By the 14th century it was mass produced and traded throughout the Eastern world and continues to be popular to this day. The latest Tornado Popper ‘Dynasty’ is printed with a dragon, phoenix and floral motif inspired by these historical artifacts. They are finished with stonewashed pewter accents and complete with the Chinese symbol representing “fortune” imprinted on the top disc. Each rollerball pen has been numbered on the top ring and packaged in a commemorative tube with only 888 pieces produced. Make sure to get one for your collection before they become history themselves.


Please contact our customer service to find a dealer. Email: sales[at] or call 972-479-1405. Some dealers will post links within the comment section as well.



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6 responses to “NEW Tornado Popper – Dynasty

  1. barryrr

    Can’t wait to see this pen in person.

    • Dolf van Munster

      Shipment to the Netherlands possible?

      • Dolf, email our customer service, they maybe able to help find a dealer for you… sales[at]

      • Dolf van Munster

        Really strange.
        The item was in my shopping list at but I couldn’t choose for Netherlands as destination country. So I ask about this by email.
        And now I got an message from pensloversparadise that the pen is sold out while the pen was in my shopping list (now removed of course).
        Really strange service.
        I did bought a lot of Retro 51 pens from mostly USA stores, most of all no problem. Dutch or UK sites mostly don’t want to order new ones.
        Now I have to wait that this Dynasty pen appear on Ebay for over the USD100?

        I am a real fan of Retro51 Pens, but these things make me very difficult to collect them.

  2. Dolf van Munster

    Really feeling upset about this, now everywhere (what I found via FB) sold out item.

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