Creepy Scrawlers by Invisible Creature

Just in time for Halloween…


The Creepy Scrawlers come out day or night and are ready to write around with you. Put them in your purse or pocket and take them with you to work or school and see what happens!* You cannot deny their mischievous smiles, googly eyes and sharp teeth, plus they glow in dark! Several fun monsters are printed around this Tornado Popper’s barrel and complete with matte black trim. Each rollerball pen is engraved with the limited edition number and limited to only 1313 pieces. They are packaged in a  FULL graphic tube with even more monsters covering it. Pick one up and be prepared for the adventures you’ll have.

*Retro51 and Invisible Creature are not liable for any mischievous behavior that may occur with them in hand.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.17.23 PM

Retro51 is proud to work with Invisible Creature on this first Tornado Popper collaboration. We have long looked up to this design and illustration firm and we jumped at the chance to work with them. If you don’t recognize their name, you’re sure to recognize their work with Target, NASA, LEGO and Nike to name a few. Read more about the design and illustration duo here. Below is a small sample of their work.


If you need help finding this design please contact our customer service. Hurry though, only 1313 were made.


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2 responses to “Creepy Scrawlers by Invisible Creature

  1. Mark Rasbach

    Super excited to add this collaboration to my Retro 51 collection. I’ve been a fan of invisible creatures work and illustrations for quite some time. You guys sure know how to put a cool pen design together.

    • Thanks Mark! It was a fun project to be part of and IC does some amazing work as you know. It’s awesome to work with someone you’ve followed for so long.

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