Retro51 Rat Pack

If you would like to join the Retro Rat Pack to get the latest news and special promotions, please submit information* through the link below. You will be entered into a chance to win one of these special Elvis stamp Tornados and future giveaways. This pen was a prototype that we never sold but you can win it by just signing up here:

Rules: One entry per person. Please do not use multiple email addresses for additional entries. Entry closes on Wednesday 10/28 at 11:59 PM and a random number generator will be used to select the winner from this list on Thursday 10/29. Thank you!

UPDATE: The winner was Amy M. from Oregon… Congratulations Amy!

*This information will not be sold or shared with anyone outside of Retro51.


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12 responses to “Retro51 Rat Pack

  1. JT Comcast

    This registration form will not accept month/date


  2. Maja

    I signed up! 😉
    Love the Elvis pen and wish it was made into the lineup, but I’m happy to get a chance to win it 🙂 (I remember when the stamps came out!)

  3. MintGreen

    Very interesting that Retro 51 owners announced their retirement, and yet a new way to get the latest news and special promotions appears in October.

    Hope for a future of the brand, maybe?

    • Maja

      I was thinking that too 🙂 I remain hopeful, if only because the brand is selling like hotcakes!

      By the way—who won the prototype Elvis stamp ‘Tornado’? I looked, but didn’t see the winner’s name announced on this blog/your Instagram……

      • Sorry, just updated it Maja. It was Amy M. from Oregon and we only announce on FB. Need to make sure to update here more since not everyone is on FB.

      • Maja

        Ah ok—I’m not on Facebook at all, so that’s why I missed it!
        Thanks for updating the blog post with the winner’s name and congrats to Amy M. of Oregon! The Elvis ‘Tornado’ was a great prototype—too bad it didn’t make it into production. Thanks for offering all the prizes you’ve offered over the years 🙂

  4. MintGreen

    I replied too late, but still found the post interesting enough to post a reply.

    It would be nice to see a winner announced. I wish I’d followed this blog years ago. I started reading posts either this year or last year.

  5. MintGreen

    I ordered for myself, on behalf of my parents, the Retro 51 Ombré Blue Lagoon fountain pen with stub nib for Christmas. It will make my 8th Retro 51 fountain pen.

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