Tornado Popper – Herald

Hear ye, hear ye! The Herald is here declaring a new era has begun and yet the mission of Retro 51 will continue forth…”Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen!” 

As we build towards a bright future – with the first Popper not only of 2021, but also of the new torchbearers of Retro 51 – we wanted to highlight the amazing community of writers, calligraphers, creatives and day to day pen aficionados who appreciate a fine writing instrument. 

The Herald highlights the slogan we have all come to love and proclaim when we show off our writing collection at work and home. Hidden messages encircle the pen, weaving a symbolic story of Retro 51.  It has been said,  “the pen is mightier than the sword,” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and this pen’s eye is surrounded by strength and beauty. With The Herald, you have a tool which allows you to create new beginnings, write new worlds… You have been given the keys to unlock untold mysteries.  With this pen, you are part of a community.  You are entrusted to be the messenger spreading the word that “Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen!”  All of these symbols (and more) are printed and accentuated with a Victorian pattern (and a surprise in the border) over a stainless-steel barrel complete with antique silver trim.

Pick up The Herald, a keystone design for your Retro 51 collection. They are limited to 1951 rollerballs with each design engraved with a limited-edition number. For the first time, a matching Rickshaw plush single pen sleeve is also available to store your Tornado to keep it in pristine condition. Available at your favorite Retro51 dealer OR emailus if you need help finding a dealer, customerservice[at]retro51[dot]com.


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10 responses to “Tornado Popper – Herald


    Dear Retro 51– happy to see the Retro 51 motto on this attractive new pen.  I offered a suggestion last year that the motto be put on the pen, and repeated in different fonts as an annual edition.  I believe someone else even suggested it could be a great first pen for the new owners of the company.  Not sure if The Herald is a response to suggestions, but it is a great pen to begin the new ownership.  Just ordered the pen, and look forward to seeing it in person.  Congratulations to Retro 51 for this new beginning.                             Gloria Fruit

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    • Thank you Gloria! Yes we do read a high majority of all the comments (although some get by us) and we take note of what the fans say. I remember reading a comment suggesting putting the tagline on the pen. If that was you, thank you!

  2. MintGreen

    The Herald is a very attractive looking pen. What a great start for the next chapter of Retro 51.

    Now a request. Please produce more fountain pens. They are my first choice of writing instruments. I get that not all editions can include a fountain pen. Please think of us fountain pen users when you are working on new, wonderful designs.

    Thank you for keeping Retro 51 going.

  3. Maja

    Longtime Retro 51 fan here! Congratulations on the new Tornado Popper release 🙂 While I have several metal Retro 51s in my collection (and love them all), I’m hoping that we’ll see more acrylics in the future. Just a suggestion. Best of luck in the coming year!

  4. Maggard

    It’s a beauty!

  5. Rob

    Is the pen design really just printed and not etched? What’s up with that?

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