New Brass Classics and More!

NEW, NEW and more NEW designs from Retro51! From the Brass Classics to two new glow in the dark Tornados, these rollerballs are sure to make many eyes light up with excitement. 

Retro 51’s Classic Tornado is joined by a new member to the family, the Brass Classic. This twist-top Classic rollerball pen with stainless-steel barrel* and vibrant lacquer finish is now accented with polished brass trim. As always, each Tornado is packaged in Retro branded graphic tube that can be used as a pen stand or carrying case when it’s not in use. Return to the golden age of fine writing with this collection.

*Orange Classic uses a Brass barrel
Classic White Tornado (Left)
New for 2021, a beautiful gloss white lacquer finish joins the Retro 51 Classic Tornado’s colorful line of pens. Put this rollerball in the light and watch it glow with a blue luminescence at night. This rollerball is on standby to capture all your dreams. Each one is packaged in a Retro brand tube.
Chaplin Tornado (Right)
Although simple in design, this rollerball is far from silent. The Chaplin Tornado’s matte white finish over a stainless-steel body with black trim would be enough to draw the eye of any pen fan.  But this pen becomes a star at night with its blue luminescent glow! Pick up the Chaplin and start practicing your autograph.

For help finding a dealer please contact us.

Thank you,

Retro 51 Team


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5 responses to “New Brass Classics and More!

  1. barryrr

    Such classy editions to the line. And White. I’ve been asking for white for a long time.
    Nice work!

  2. Maja

    Love the concept of a white pen with chrome trim and another with black trim…. but why no decorated disc on these two? 😦 (or do they glow in the dark, too??)

  3. MintGreen

    I’d like to see the Peacock color brought back as a fountain pen.

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