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Nothing beats waking up on Christmas Day to see all the gifts wrapped under the tree. The excitement and thrill of fun new toys or gadgets that await you. Maybe you won’t be getting a pony or train set this year, but a fun new Retro51 always brings smiles, some ooohs and ahhhs and you never know what other surprises. Let us help you with some shiny new (or vintage) pen designs with a little something for everyone. 

Start your engines! These Retro Racers are sure to get your adrenaline going even when you are sitting at the office. Rallye (Red) and Bumper (Blue) are two rollerball pens that speed across the page and corner with the best of them! The stainless steel barrels are printed with vintage slot car designs, topped with a checkered flag and complete with stonewashed pewter trim. 951 of each color.

Who wants a pony when you can have a unicorn! Stardust comes in both a fountain and ballpoint model and have a glittering glow in the dark barrels with a blue luminescence. Unicorns, rainbows and stars, OH MY! What else could you ask for? 951 Ballpoints and 250 Fountains.

Who? What! Where? Wow, you heard it, the ultimate outdoors person is sure to love this rollerball pen covered in forest creatures both big and small, legendary and breathtaking. The design is acid-etched on stonewashed brass barrel that’s finished with stonewashed pewter trim and topped with a wise owl…hoooty hooo! 951 Rollerballs.

Dyn-o-mite! This rollerball pen has four of America’s great Presidents from Mt. Rushmore acid-etched into the barrel. It’s complete with stonewashed brass accents and topped with South Dakota’s sun shining on the top. Perfect for the historian or to remind you of that grand family summer vacation! 958 Rollerballs

These are available at all participating Retro51 Dealers while supplies last. Please check your Retro dealer of choice for availability. If you need help finding a dealer please email customer service[at]retro51[dot]com.

Happy Holidays from the Retro51 Team!


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13 Things To Do With A Retro Pen

When we create our pens, we do so with the hope that our customers will be inspired.

Inspired to dream. Inspired to create. Inspired to never, ever carry an ugly pen again!

So it’s hard to imagine you’d need our two cents when thinking of fun and creative ways to use our pens. But just in case you’re looking for some inspiration, or just need a good laugh, here are 13 things you can do with a Retro 51 pen:

Retro51 Postmaster

 Seal The Deal

Whether you’re purchasing your first home or saying “I do”, nothing commemorates the occasion like a fine pen.

EliteEagleMake Your Mark

No matter what your station in life may be, everyone from artists, writers, and even golfers can make their mark just a little more emphatically with a Retro 51 pen.


Pencil In Your Priorities

Life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Pencil in more time with loved ones and your passions.


Put A Pen In It

Looking for a gift? A great writing pen? A pen strong enough to jack a car (yep you read that right)? Whatever your need, always rest assured that we’ve got a pen that’s just right for the occasion.


Life is too short

Retro 51 pens are more than just great writing instruments, they’re also fashion accessories! Dress to impress!

Retro 51 Crossword & Soduku Pen & Pencils

Pen Point The Answers

Whether you’re writing a research paper, searching for a job, or doing a puzzle, with a Tornado the answer is at your fingertips!


Start A “Pen”sion Fund

Literally or figuratively, using a Retro pen to save for your future (or to save for a future pen) is simply a stroke of genius!

Kiwi TornadoDot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

We’ve worked hard to bring you a fine writing instrument so you can focus on your details at hand.

Retro 51 Kaligraffiti

Sign Us Up

Grab their attention! Promote a sale, make an announcement, enlist the help of others! Whatever you write, do it loud and proud with a Retro pen.


A “Pen”ny for Your Thoughts

Journal your thoughts, outline an agenda, create your dreams…whatever is on your mind, we have a a pen that’s just right for you.

Mickey & Friends Retro 51 Pen

Nothing like a Pen Pal

When it’s time to write, reach for the pen that has the right stuff and brings a smile to your face.

Harley Retro 51 PensDeclare your independence 

Put a pen to paper and the possibilities are endless! 

Bamboo Retro 51 PenA little luck… 

We can’t promise you good fortune with our Bamboo Tornado, but with every purchase, Retro makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation, to save 250 square feet of rainforest ensuring a fortuitous future for this invaluable environment.

How do you use your Retro pen? Let us know!


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