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What Do the Colors of Your Favorite Pens and Inks Say about You?

There may be more to your obsession with your favorite pen(s) than you realize. According to color theory, you may have been drawn to that pen (or pencil) based in part on the color of its ink, or the color used in its design.

Now we all know that colors play a large part in many of our everyday decisions, including which cars to drive, what clothes to wear, and even the homes we live in. But what you may not know or understand is why these particular colors appeal to you, and what they say about your personality.

So we thought we’d take a look at some of the most popular colors, as well as their psychological meanings.

Blue– Contrary to the pervasiveness of black ink in the world of pens, blue is the most popular overall color choice of people across the globe. Blue is viewed as a stable and dependable color that can evoke emotions ranging from serenity to exhilaration.

Red– It should come as no surprise that red is seen as a stimulating color that highlights and draws attention, both good and bad. Red is also often associated with strong emotions ranging from love to hate.

Black- The favorite amongst pen lovers, the color black is often viewed as powerful and authoritative. It can evoke feelings of mystery, sophistication and empowerment.

Green– Associated with nature and popular in design, green is the second most popular color and is viewed as soothing, relaxing, and can also imply wealth.

Purple– Regalia and luxury are often associated with purple. It is often viewed as tranquil and romantic, as well as inspiring creativity.

Does color theory ring true for you and  your personal color favorites? Do you tend to purchase pens that are a certain color or write in a particular ink color? If so, which ones and why?


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