Need a hand? Win this Tornado and Hand display!


We produced this unique hand display for our Retro dealers ten years ago. It still remains one of the most popular displays we have ever produced and we want to give our fans a chance to win one. PLUS you will win a one-of-a-kind Tornado never sold in stores that has a black acrylic barrel with a thin orange and yellow swirling throughout and complete with chrome accents and our rollerball refill.

Rules to win:

– Take a photo of your hand holding any writing instrument produced by Retro 51 pen (Harley-Davidson and Disney included)

– Either email (richard[at]retro51[dot]com), post on our Facebook wall, or tweet us @Retro1951

– Enter up to three entries (must be a different pen in each photo)

– Contest ends next Monday at 4 PM EST

– Winner will be chosen at random out of a hat

Good luck!




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