Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving first became an official holiday in the United States in 1863 during the Civil War.  It was President Lincoln who declared that a national day of Thanksgiving would be observed.  Since its inception, families have no doubt celebrated this holiday in countless ways.  We all know the traditional format – time with family and friends, a big meal of turkey, dressing, veggies, and desserts, etc.  But what really makes the day special and evokes those nostalgic feelings are the traditions that are unique to our own celebration.  So we thought it would be fun to compare notes here at the office and see what makes the day special for each of us.  What are some of your thanksgiving traditions, favorite memories, or favorite part of the day?

Jill – My Mom always plays Christmas music while she is cooking. I always make the homemade whipped cream just as I have since I was a little girl.  The youngest kids make place cards for the table with everyone’s name on them.  The meal is always served at Noon, and wouldn’t be complete without my Great, Great Aunt Nez’s cornbread stuffing and squash casserole recipes.  And a newer tradition is stuffing pancakes made with leftovers the next day for breakfast!  

RichardWe always eat the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole meal around 2. We eat until we’re stuffed and then immediately clear the table and the family scatters. Some are playing with the kids and others go take a nap or lay down for a bit, and vice versa. Then around 5 we eat the dessert which is usually a choice of Pecan, Pumpkin or a Chocolate whipped cream pie. After that we play BINGO and win prizes my dad gets at Dollar General.

Lupe – Our family has a traditional potluck style dinner always at my Grandmother’s house and up to 60 people go! After eating we hang and plan on where we will shop on Black Friday.

Jen – All my family gets together at my Grandmother’s house and we eat a traditional meal. After eating, we all put up the Christmas tree for Grandma and look thru black Friday ads. Then we have desert and my Mom’s famous Jello pretzel salad, my favorite.

Dan – My family is has the traditional meal also, but I grill the turkey on a Weber grill. It takes me over three hours and I add hickory chips on the grill to give it that extra special flavor. After dinner we spend time together and put together puzzles.  
Maria – We have a very traditional thanksgiving with turkey, mashed potatoes, watching football and spending time with family. My favorite part is the apple pie!
Salvador – One year his wife had a table full of food and he commented that the rolls were the BEST thing on the table.  They were the one thing she had bought at the store and didn’t make.
George – My favorite is YaYa’s (Grandmother) rice dressing, rice, giblets, celery, chestnuts and pine nuts. MMMMMMM! Then I add turkey gravy loaded on top.
Whatever your traditions are, we wish you the best this Thanksgiving!

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  1. Bob

    Traditional meal at My Grandmothers house….Pumpkin & Rhubarb Pie 🙂 My Grandmother used to grow her own pumpkin & rhubarb in her back yard, and when her pumpkin & rhubarb was ripe what great pies she made of this.

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