The Snapper Tornado


The NEW click-action Snappers are the latest Tornado designs to hit the shelves and notebooks. The traditional twist-top Tornado will continue to be a large part of the Tornado line, but we wanted to develop a click-top for our customers that love the Tornado plus love the convenience of the click-top, in fact there are several here in the office.

The Snappers come loaded with an Easy-Flow ballpoint that is smooth like a rollerball but with the long life of a ballpoint. The Tornado’s traditional rollerball refill (REF5P) cannot be used in the Snapper models.


Here is a comparison of the line weight and consistency between the standard Tornado rollerball refill and the Easy Flow ballpoint.



The Safety Yellow and Banker Blue have a high gloss, opaque lacquer on the barrel. These colors and names you might recall from a past Retro 51 series, the Classic 200.


The Confetti and Chrome have a highly polished chrome plating over its metal barrel. The Confetti is then finished with a colorful triangular pattern print for the writers looking for that extra whimsy!


All of the Snappers come with shiny chrome accents and the Retro 51 bullet logo on top.

The Snapper and standard twist-top Tornado both use the same barrel, nose cone and clip, but the Snapper does have a unique top that makes it 1/8 inch taller then the standard Tornado. It is also 1 ounce in weight as compared to 1.1 ounce of the Tornado rollerball.

What are your thoughts about the Snapper? Let us know your thoughts!


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16 responses to “The Snapper Tornado

  1. SH

    This makes me so happy…I love that you’ve made one of my favorite pens into a clicky pen!

  2. Loving the yellow color

  3. Confetti snapper…get in my hand. I love this!!!


    A dream created.

  5. The Easyflow refills are a great ballpoint.. I sure wish they came in broad point though. ..the picture here really shows the difference compare to the rollerball refill.

  6. royar

    really, really happy that you decided to make it a click top! Just hope you will have many models in store…, and that you will produce acrylic ones…

  7. Mary McCarthy

    Disappointed. The cap came totally disengaged before I opened the package and found the pen useless because it never came together naturally and it’s still in my drawer in disarray. Sorry because I love my other Retro pens….

    • Mary, we are sorry to hear about problems with our products and will contact you via email about this so we can fix this issue. Please keep an eye out for an email from our customer service team.

  8. Barry Liebman

    I love the look and the feel of writing with them but two of my three snappers have broken and I had to dispose of them. The click mechanism on both snapped off. I’m disappointed because I lived writing with a Schmidt easy flow 9000 cartridge but fortunately the cartridge can be used with the original tornados as well.

    • Barry if you still have these broken Snappers send them into us. We have strengthened the click mechanism with a medal rod that has really helped this problem and our repairs department can fix all these for you.

  9. Barry Liebman

    Unfortunately when the first one broke I put it somewhere and can’t find it. When the second one broke the other day I was so frustrated I threw it away. The problem is that the top cap broke off and I don’t know if a metal rod will help, unless the cap screws into the rod instead of a plastic clip. Please let me know as I have one snapper left. If the cap now screws into a metal rod instead of plastic, I will give it another shot, but where can I buy a new confetti and chrome snapper from that is guaranteed to have this rod. And thanks for the immediate feedback

    • Our repairs guy can fix this. Email sales{at}retro51{dot}com and they will let you know how to send it in. Regarding the Confetti and Chrome, after we heard of these issues and resolved it with the metal rod, our repair guy went through all the Snapper stock in our warehouse and fixed them. A high percentage of the current models in stores should have this improved mechanism.

      • Barry Liebman

        That’s all fine. But am I correct that the cap now screws into metal and not plastic? And can I get pens from you directly or do I have to chance it from a merchant and if it breaks then send it back to you?

  10. Yes a metal rod or screw has been inserted within the plastic mechanism that has greatly strengthened the mechanism. It has reduced our Snapper repairs greatly. We do not sell direct to customers, but if you need help finding a retailer that has recently bought these models our customer service can direct you to one. We repaired all the mechanisms about a year ago, so a high percentage of our retailers should have these improved Snappers in stock.

    • Barry Liebman

      I see your dealers but by me the only one is bronxville stationers. I the city surprisingly not that many. And I got all my snappers within the past year

      • Barry, please email our customer service. I will alert them that you are writing about your Snapper repair plus they can direct you to a dealer online that should have a Snapper with new mechanism.

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