Find the “51”s


THIS CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER. If you want to play anyways, please see in the comments for the correct number.

Original Rules:

How many “51”s can you find? The first two people that email us with the correct number will win. Email the answer [at]retro51[dot]com. Do not comment below with the answer, only email responses will be accepted. We will not respond unless you send the correct answer.

We will comment below with the correct answer as soon as we have the two winners and the contest is closed.

First place wins a Twinkle Popper Tornado and the second wins a Classic Lacquer of their choice. Good luck!



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11 responses to “Find the “51”s

  1. Sandy Hunter

    I see 13!

  2. Sandy Hunter

    14! missed the one on the sleigh.

  3. The correct answer is 14. 12 + the two 51’s in the logo.

  4. Sandy H

    That was pretty tricky, with the one on Santa’s face and the reindeer legs!

  5. Banks Blair

    I count 12.

  6. Richard Williams

    I found 14

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