Woman With Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from the Retro 51 Team! We are thankful for such great fans and wanted to show it through a fun Thanksgiving contest. It’s very simple, think of someone you are thankful for and tag them on one of our social sites:

  1. Tag this person in the comment section via the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post (only one entry per person)
  2.  We’ll compile all the participants and have  a random drawing for two winners. The winners will get a Jingle Bell Tornado PLUS a choice of the Classic Tornadoes to give to the person you are thankful for (OR you can keep the Classic Tornado and give them the Jingle Bells).
  3. Contest ends tomorrow at 3 PM (Central Time) and will be notified via the social marketing source they participated through.

Good luck and thanks again!

1 Comment

November 21, 2016 · 4:50 pm

One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Willene Denney

    Happy Thanksgiving to each of you

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