Christmas Carol-word Contest

Do you play Christmas music in July or watch a holiday movie everyday? If so, this is the contest for you. There will be seven total winners! The first two are based on time and the final five will be entered into a pool for random selection.


  1. Fill out the Crossword puzzle correctly! Either take a photo of the completed puzzle with your smart phone OR type all the answers out complete with numbers.
  2. Email to richard[at]retro51[dot]com
  3. Contest ends on Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2017 at 3pm (Central Time).


Click to see a larger puzzle here!


The first two winners to send in the completed puzzle with all the correct answers get their choice of the Tornadoes shown below.  WE HAVE OUR FIRST TWO WINNERS!

Five more winners will be randomly selected after the contest ends on Tuesday the 20th. To be entered in this drawing you must get every answer correct and submitted by the deadline. These winners will chose their prize based on their numerical order drawn. For example, first name drawn gets first choice…fifth winner will get the remaining pen. Winners will be contacted by email.


Seven total Tornadoes decorated with holiday graphics!

2016 Holiday Collage x 2 Available


2015 Christmas Cookie x 1


2014 Wrapping Paper x 1


2008 Season’s Greetings Penguin x 1


Thanks, good luck and Happy Holidays!

Retro 51


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8 responses to “Christmas Carol-word Contest

  1. Sandy Hunter

    I love it when you post puzzles… these are so much fun! Christmas is my favorite time of year so it’s like… y’know… *double* frosting. With sprinkles.

  2. Heidi

    submitted! I emailed my pic – was there a misspelling though?

  3. Caroline Craig

    Will I be disqualified if I type all the numbers and answers but attach a scanned copy of my completed puzzle as well? (Didn’t know if you wanted attachments – I can’t use my smart phone).

  4. Across
    8. SilentNight
    9. Navidad
    11. Bing
    12. Chestnuts
    13. Noel
    14. Mommy
    18. Houston
    19. Drummer
    20. Grinch
    21. Hark
    22. MisfitToys
    24. Miracle
    25. Griswold
    26. Ralphie

    1. JingleBells
    2. Nutcracker
    3. Sinatra
    4. Bethlehem
    5. OTannenbaum
    6. Reindeer
    7. King
    10. TwoTeeth
    11. Blue
    15. Manger
    16. Kenny
    17. Frosty
    21. HomeAlone
    22. Mistletoe
    23. TinyTim
    27. Carey

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