Tornado Popper – Gone Fishing


We’re casting the line with the latest Tornado Popper. This fishing themed rollerball pen is sure to catch some eyes and smiles but whose hand will catch a lunker? You can’t lose with this vibrant fishing lure design that’ll bring fishing to your home or office. Although there are plenty of fish in the sea, there’s only 777 of these so make sure to get one because you don’t want this to be the one that got away.
Look for your favorite dealer to post a link to purchase or contact us for help finding one.


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6 responses to “Tornado Popper – Gone Fishing

  1. Maja

    I love the design (it reminds me of times spent fishing with my parents), but given that it might be one of the last Tornado Poppers ever made, I *really* wish you’d made more of them.

    Today, I woke up (I’m on the West Coast) to find a bunch of email notifications that it had been released…. only to find that every single online seller was already sold out 😦 I know that many online retailers had a “one-per-customer” limit. but I’m sure more than a few of those lucky buyers are already planning to re-sell theirs for exorbitant prices (we’re already seeing that with some limited editions that were released recently).

    Sorry to gripe,—you know I love your products—-but I didn’t expect such a low # of this great design to be produced…not after your announcement about the uncertain future of your company 😦 If possible, please make a few more of whatever your next design is, so that Retro 51 fans can add one of them to their collections.

  2. Maja

    Thanks for everything, Richard 🙂
    Best wishes to you & the Retro 51 team, and congratulations on another great design.

    • Maj

      Update:I was able to purchase a “Gone Fishing” Tornado online, with Richard’s help. Richard—thank you so much for your assistance with this purchase and for all your wonderful Retro 51 designs over the years 🙂

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