Tornado Popper – Under the Radar


Try to intercept this new Tornado Popper because it will go fast. Only 951 rollerballs have been created with the stealthy appearance that is designed after the XXXXXXX reconnaissance aircraft originally built in XXXX and used by XXXXXXXX until XXXX.  The barrel has been acid-etched with details from the XXXXXXXX and lacquered in a matte black and printed details. Each one is packaged in a commemorative tube to keep safe when it’s not recording.

Watch for the release of this design at your favorite dealer or email customerservice[at]retro51[dot]com.


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8 responses to “Tornado Popper – Under the Radar

  1. I Jones

    Got one! Ordered from Fahrney’s. I wish it was fountain pen, but still super cool!

  2. MintGreen

    What retailers are selling this pen? The ones I checked are sold out. Thank you. Not to be a bad poster, but is that the SR-71?

  3. MintGreen

    Hurray! I have one on order (thank you RK). I was lucky to see the SR-71 on display at the Kansas Cosmosphere. It was an amazing jet. A TV program called Mighty Planes features an episode on the Blackbird. It’s really good and informative. It’s well worth finding.

  4. Maja

    Cool design! (as usual) I deliberately let this one fly by, though, as I’d just ordered a Retro 51 “Typewriter” Tornado rollerball in turquoise from Pen Chalet last week 🙂

  5. MintGreen

    Hurray! I gave this to my Dad for Father’s Day. I said I was very glad he liked the pen. He said I love the pen. For him, that says something. He wouldn’t say it unless he meant it.

    He has a book about Skunk Works, and watches shows about the Blackbird. Thank you Retro 1951, for another great design. The pen number is 111. I like that.

  6. WARPed1701D

    Can’t believe I missed this pen. 😦 I can only find it on eBay for unaffordable and inflated prices. The SR-71 has been my favorite military plane since childhood when I first saw it fly at RAF Mildenhall. Awe-inspiring! Models and posters of it adorned my bedroom as I grew up. The P-51 Mustang fountain pen catches my attention and may have to TRY to make up for it. Another childhood memory as the location where I vacationed throughout my early years was an old WW2 airfield that flew Mustangs piloted by the “Yoxford Boys”. A model of the P-51 sits outside the club house there. Still can’t believe I missed the SR-71 edition. A fountain pen in that design would have been even better.

    • Yes they sold out really fast! I may have one source if you want one. Write us on Facebook or Twitter.

      • WARPed1701D

        That would be very cool! I don’t have Facebook and Twitter says you don’t accept messages so I’ve sent an email to your customer service address. I hope that can work. Cheers.

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