Special Release – 30th Anniversary Tornado


It all started thirty years ago walking into store with a tray of pens and coming out with an order. Retro didn’t even have an office until July of 1990 when the lease was signed for 1500 square feet in Dallas, Texas. It’s hard to believe that thirty years has flown by but here we are. We thank you our fans because we could not be here without you!

To celebrate three decades of fine writing instruments we bring you this special release of the Pearl Anniversary Tornado. The barrels are made from cellulose acetate in a marbled white and pearl blend that has been finished with polished rhodium accents. Choose from the twist ballpoint, capped fountain or 1.15 mm pencil. A total of 1951 pieces have been produced with each one engraved with it’s LE number on the top ring.

Cellulose acetate is known for its strength, deep gloss, and high transparency. Pen enthusiasts also covet it for its warm and “natural” feel in the hand. This is because it’s derived from organic materials found in nature, most commonly cotton or wood pulp. It should also be noted that cellulose acetate, when properly cared for, is one of the most durable and long lasting materials ever utilized in the manufacturing of fine writing instruments.


After all, Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen!®


T H A N K   Y O U   F R O M  T H E  R E T R O  T E A M


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22 responses to “Special Release – 30th Anniversary Tornado

  1. Zed Keller

    Where can you get?

  2. barryrr

    Life and especially life in the pen world will not be the same without you. What a great and creative team.

  3. Paula

    Just so I understand — where should I go to purchase this beauty? Here or another website? Having missed many beautiful pens, I want to make sure I don’t miss this one. 2020 has been a helluva year for me (and everyone else).
    Thanks so much,

  4. Maja

    Oooh, it’s lovely….
    Thank you, Retro 51, for 30 years of beautiful writing instruments! 🙂

  5. Nor Monroe

    It looks like the pens still aren’t available at any retailer, as of 6:50 p.m. PDT on Monday. I’m getting very anxious.

  6. Paula

    2020 strikes again!
    Dromgooles is sold out.
    Any suggestions? Thank you.

  7. Can’t find one any where! I absolutely would love to have this pen in roller ball or fountain pen. Can you help find place to make the purchase everyone is SOLD OUT.

  8. Jennifer V

    Another run of these would be great! I tried to snag one today from Gouldt Pens and it sold out in under one minute. Please make more!

    • I will pass the request onto the team. We were caught off guard with the popularity of this release to say the least.

      • Maja

        Since the announcement that Retro 51 was looking for a new owner came out, it seems like every new release has been selling out quicker than the blink of an eye 😦 I was just telling a friend that the 30th anniversary rollerball (MSRP $65 USD) –which had just come out two days prior to that—was being sold by someone on eBay for $245 USD on eBay.

        Increasing the # of pieces being released won’t prevent that kind of profiteering, but it might give some genuine fans a chance at winning what has essentially been a lottery when it comes to acquiring new items for their Retro 51 collections. I hope Retro 51 seriously considers increasing their production run of future new releases 🙂

      • Nor

        I saw a set of all three (pens/pencil) on eBay on the day of the official release listed for over $10,000! It really is the resale, online profiteers that are getting their hands on these pens first, which I’m very sad about.

      • Maja

        @Nor–Yikes! $10K for all three is crazy,…. and yes, it’s sad when fans aren’t able to add some pieces to their collections without having to take out a second mortgage 😦
        I love Retro 51’s products and have been a fan since 2001 and I’ve seen the fandom grow over the years, but it has really increased since January of this year. I really hope the company increases future production runs to reflect this surge in the brand’s popularity.

      • Nor

        I discovered them I think in 2010 (I wish I’d known about them sooner) and they instantly became my favorite pens (and pencils), and I have a very nice collection now, plus a display case! I’ve never counted them, but I should. I’m interested to know how many I have. Since I heard about the “retirement,” I’ve looked for another pen brand for me to fall in love with, but no other brand compares to Retro 51. It’s going to be such a huge loss when/if Retro 51 does go out of business. I’m still very much hoping a wonderful person/company will step in and continue their legacy. If I could do it, I would.

  9. Susan

    Another run, please! Pencil especially, they appear even more scarce 😦

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