Tornado Popper – Escape

Exploring new frontiers…


Leaving planet Earth is a rare achievement few have done but it may be possible in the near future. Exploring space has fascinated us for the last century and steps are bringing us closer to this feat for non-astronauts like us. We can dream though right? The latest Tornado Popper brings you the ACES suit into your hands. It’s been lacquered in “International Orange” and then printed with the iconic NASA “meatball” logo plus Commander and Space Shuttle Patches. It is finished with matte black accents with serial number engraved on the top ring and astronaut helmet on the finial. Finally, it’s packaged in a white tube with graphic orange label making this ballpoint even more unique. Pick one up and prepare for take-off!
Please visit your Retro dealer of choice for purchase OR email customerservice[at]retro51[dot]com for help finding a dealer.


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6 responses to “Tornado Popper – Escape

  1. Maja

    Lookin’ good! (love the top disc 🙂 )

  2. MintGreen

    This pen looks very cool. I’m a space geek, so I’ve bought quite a few of your pens.

  3. MintGreen

    Are these already sold out? Any results I get in the search shows out of stock.

    It’s that NASA logo. Want it!

    I’d love a pen that pays tribute to the USPS too.

  4. Susan

    MintGreen – re USPS pen – have you seen Pen Pal, part of Retro 51’s Smithsonian Collection? Its for the National Postal Museum, and is very cool looking. Still available at dealers here and there.

    • MintGreen

      I have, and have considered it, but have not bought one. I was thinking if they can get the NASA logo on their pen, maybe they can get the USPS Eagle.

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