Tornado Popper – Marco

M A R C O. . . P O L O . . . you just discovered the new Tornado Popper! Marco Polo was known for being an explorer, merchant and writer traveling the Silk Road trading for rare and exotic goods he would take back to his country of Italy. He even wrote a book of his epic travels in The Travels of Marco Polo. This limited edition ballpoint is printed with the world map complete with stonewashed pewter trim and compass on the top disc. Pick one up and start planning your next epic adventure, just don’t do it during your Zoom meetings or school classes.

Purchase through a Retro dealer of choice or DM or email us (customerservice[at]retro51[dot]com) for help finding a dealer. Do not stress. There are 957 of this design with “57” significant for 57 million square miles on Earth.


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3 responses to “Tornado Popper – Marco

  1. rdwomack

    To whom it may concern,   I’m having a bit of a time trying to find a dealer for your products. The last place I used to order from was Colorado Pen and they’ve seemed to not carry you anymore. Suggstions would be welcomed or could I order you newest addition directly from you. Assistance would be most appreciated.Thank youRichard Womack

  2. Maja

    Very nice! The orientation of the world map threw me for a sec, though—I was expecting it to have North America and Europe at the top lol 😉

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