International Gnome Day + Ballpoint Day Contest

It’s International Gnome Day this Friday June 10th (at least according to some online event calendars), PLUS it is National Ballpoint Day. We thought it’s a good time to not only get out your Gnome Sweet Gnome but also do a giveaway of the rare “Green Thumb Edition!” Last year twenty-five of these were given away in random tubes with the purchase of the yellow version. This is the last chance to win one of these because we don’t have any more after this. To enter to win this extremely rare design, just follow all these rules:

  1. Use your favorite Retro ballpoint or rollerball to draw a gnome! It could be as simple as a stick gnome or spend hours if you like (note this is a randomly drawn winner, not based on quality).
  2. Take a picture of this drawing next to any Retro51 pen (if you don’t have a Retro, draw a pen within the drawing).
  3. Share it on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and make sure to tag us
  4. You may post once a day but it has to be a different drawing so you may enter up to three times. Please don’t post the same image on all social channels, once is fine. Final entry deadline is 9 am Central on Friday 6/10/22.

A random number generated drawing will be done on Friday 6/10/22 at Noon Central time with all these entries. The winner will be notified via the place they shared the image plus a DM sent. Winner will be announced as well on our social channels, plus below on

Looking for the original Gnome Sweet Gnome in Yellow? Contact us and we will direct you to a dealer with them in stock.

Good luck and have fun!

Insert that came with the special Green Thumb Edition Gnome Sweet Gnome
Thank you to everyone who took part in this gnome drawing contest! We heard from many of you saying how much fun you had submitting, and we enjoyed seeing all the creative gnome drawings. Congratulations to the winner Jovan T. for winning with the Gnome in the tub drawing. (Note the winning entry was chosen with random number generator.)


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5 responses to “International Gnome Day + Ballpoint Day Contest

  1. Penlover40

    Well this is exciting!!!

  2. Maja

    I tried lol
    Thanks for running this contest 🙂

  3. MintGreen

    Very off topic. I received the Retro 51 fan club email yesterday. A Retro 51 nib had finished soaking. Meanwhile I printed the membership card page, and once I had it, with the target pen for the nib, it was almost a perfect match. I’m referring to the discontinued Peacock color for the fountain pen. I had to get it from Belgium on eBay. It now has a sample of 3 Oysters Peacock Green in it with a 1.1mm stub nib. I recognized the code on the membership card, because I’ve shared that with pen pals. I’m excited to see what you do with the Retro Rangers.

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