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Celebrate Write to a Friend Month

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December is Write to a Friend Month. And what a great time of year to take a few moments to let the people you love and care about know that you’re thinking of them. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations, shopping, and end-of-year deadlines, receiving a handwritten note from a friend is sure to be a welcome surprise (and perhaps, even a relief).


As we all know, with the advent of technology, many have abandoned traditional pen and paper for social media, emails, text messages and instant messaging. Sadly, the handwritten letter is rapidly becoming a novelty, rather than the norm it used to be. So during the month of December,  we’d like to suggest that you jot a note, write a letter, or simply sign a card, and drop it in the mail.


What should I write? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Share your upcoming New Year’s Resolutions  (it’s a great way to stay accountable)
  • Send a family newsletter, recapping the year’s highlights for you and your family
  • Share recipes and how-to’s that you can’t live without
  • Send coupons and discounts that you know they’ll use and enjoy (i.e. gift cards, rebates, links to money-saving websites etc)
  • Send pictures of your family (and don’t forget your pets)
  • Send an invitation to visit or spend time together
  • Simply say thank you

Whom should I write to? Here are a few folks that we think would love to hear from you:

  • A long-lost classmate
  • A childhood friend
  • A former co-worker
  • A relative
  • A pen pal (yes, some people still have them)
  • A former teacher or professor
  • Partner with a charity to send notes to men, women and children in need

Whatever you do, don’t discount the power of your words. Remember, it’s often the little things that matter most. So send a letter today!

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