Caption Contest II


Our resident pet “Beagle” is on the prowl, what’s on her mind? What is she doing? Add a caption to this photo for a chance to win the Vintage Metalsmith “Jefferson,” an acid-etched Tornado with all antiqued finish. Funniest, wittiest, most creative, unique or whatever we like the best wins!

The contest will end on Monday at midnight, so get your captions in.



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32 responses to “Caption Contest II

  1. Mike Gfeller

    “I’ll bet I can see a tornado if I can get to the top of this tree…but I’d settle for a squirrel.”

  2. Mark Freeman

    Here, kitty, kitty…

  3. Mike LaCroix

    What do they think I am, a cat? How’d their Tornado get way up there, anyway?

  4. Naomi Senkbeil

    Even Beagle knows the heights she’ll climb for a Retro 51.

  5. Jayson Masanobu Brazell

    This is it! I found my way out of this joint!

  6. Marvin Green


  7. Pen Thieves Beware – pen hounds included with every new Tornado. No place to run, no place to hide!

  8. Dujuan Jackson

    If your looking for an ugly pen… You are barking up the wrong tree!

  9. Mary

    Job seem impossible? Retro 51 to the rescue!

  10. “Mom! Scrappy chased another elephant into a tree!”

  11. Maja Furlong

    “SuperBeagle” topples large tree!!

  12. Maja Furlong

    …..or “SuperBeagle” topples tall tree!! 😀

  13. Retro51…writing taken to new heights.

  14. rminnj

    Retro51 …writing taken to new heights.

  15. Amie Green

    I really need to lose a little weight!

  16. Man, I gotta work on my slice. My Ball? Anyone seen my ball?

  17. Ronald McVicar

    “Beagle #346. We’re collectors too.”
    – Retro 51

  18. I am one with the squirrels.

  19. Ron McVicar

    “Beagle #346. We’re collectors too.”
    – Retro 51

  20. Holly Kalal

    Hazel come down! I promise I won’t bury any more of your Retro pens and I’ll even dig up your two favorite Tornados. Please Hazel?!

  21. Kelly Brent

    Climb they said – it’ll be fun they said!

  22. Declan

    Now where did I put that shoe?

  23. Caleb K

    You can’t make me have a bath!

  24. Oh Hell NO!! I’m not going to the vet. I know what they do there!

  25. jameswhunt

    Hang on tight to that tree, Beagle! There’s a Tornado coming through town!

  26. Hey honey,
    You need to come down right this minute.  I told you to go to the doghouse, not the treehouse!

  27. Judy LaCroix

    The things I do for pens…and I can’t even write…

  28. Forget it… He can fetch his own darn Retro 51 back from the cat.

  29. Stuart Hazley

    I’m just helping the retro 51 design team branch out!

  30. cth11

    As the beagle tried to get “fresh”, the tree would have nothing to do with it……..

  31. Brantley

    Tornado? Did someone say Tornado? I’m not goin’ out like Toto!

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