Cigar Tube Contest


The Tornado has been a part of Retro 51’s lineup for the last 16 years now. With its trademark twist-top and cool modern look, it is easily recognizable.  Just as recognizable is the nifty aluminum “cigar tube” that each Tornado is packaged in.  Besides protecting your favorite writing instrument, what other clever uses have you devised for our packaging tube?  This weeks competition will award the most unique and clever answer with the Monroe Vintage Metalsmith Tornado…  It is a textural delight with its diamond cut barrel overlaid with a dark red metallic lacquer to add a cool look and a great feel. Feel free to post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or tag us in an Instagram photo showing how you have also used your cigar tube. 

Contest ends midnight on Wednesday, July 4th!




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15 responses to “Cigar Tube Contest

  1. Barry

    Keep my weed in it.

  2. Bigboutte

    Some hold pipe cleaners, another holds vintage radio knobs. Not sure why I put the knobs in there years ago but they’re still there.

  3. Henry Crankshaw

    It took me a while to figure out a fantasic use for the cigar tubes most of them contain there original pen. But the best use that I have found for the newer, larger ones has been as a container for a geo cache. They withstand the elements quite nicely and everyone who finds it likes the container

  4. I keep a stock of jelly beans in mine. Always have my sugar hit close by 🙂

  5. Caleb K

    Strangely enough I keep my pen there. I don’t want it getting scratched up and ruined!

  6. Mary

    I love the Retro 51 “cigar tube” SO much, that I’d like to have one with me for all eternity. What a perfect “urn” for the ashes of this eternally loyal Retro 51 fan! (I always WAS one to plan ahead!) No picture included for obvious reasons. 😉

  7. Cynthia R.

    Love my Retro51’s. I gave one away and could not wait to purchase another one.

  8. Mike LaCroix

    I put a little flower in it and keep it on my desk. It brings beauty to my office the way my Tornado brings beauty to my writing…

  9. Mark Freeman

    I fill the bottom half with sand to hold it in place, then use it as a launch tube for fireworks for our 4th of July festivities! The metal tube is just the right height for a bottle rockets!

  10. Stuart Hazley

    A small cookie/biscuit dough cutter.

  11. Brantley

    Confetti dispenser/noisemaker. My daughter (4 yrs. old) filled one with paper confetti to celebrate a birthday. When you hold it above your head and pull the two pieces apart forcefully, you hear a nice audible “Pop!” and confetti flies everywhere. It’s stylish, reusable, and creates much less waste than traditional party noisemakers.

    I wanted her to recreate the process for a photo opportunity, but the suggestion was quickly shot down. My daughter was all for it, but my wife gave me a look. Permission denied.

  12. My tube (from my crocodile Retro 51) holds my favorite loose tea – easy to refill, easy to pour out, and the tube keeps it fresh and tasty! Here’s a shot of it:

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  13. Lisa

    I keep candies for my nephew in mine. Hopefully in time he’ll ask about what originally went in it and he’ll want a Retro 51!

  14. Brian Z

    I hide my other non retro 51 pens in there so no one sees them

  15. BigBoutte

    Caleb! I don’t think you can ruin a Tornado. My Big Shot Manhatten was lost in my gravel driveway a few months. I replaced the refill, used 0000 steel wool on it. Still a favorite! Love my Tornados! Wish the white and the red acrylics would return.

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