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We want your Yearbook photo!


We want to include you, our biggest fan in our next catalog, packaging and other sales material. If you want to be part of this, we want you to send us your yearbook photo. Here is how to do it:

1. Scan or take a photo with your smart phone or tablet. Save/send as a high resolution jpeg. The best quality photos will be given priority for use and will be used as seen fit for each medium (catalog, packaging, other sales material).

2. Email this photo to richard [ a t ] retro51 [d o t] com

3. Include one of these statements in the email:

The attached photo is of me, ______________, and I give Retro 1951 permission to use my yearbook photo for their upcoming catalog, packaging and any other sales material they may use it for.


If you are under the age of 18, your parent must send the photo with the following statement:

The attached yearbook photo is of my son/daughter,____________, and I their parent, ___________, give Retro 1951 permission to use their yearbook photo for their upcoming catalog, packaging and any other sales material they may use it for.

(Your photos will not be sold or retransmitted, nor will your names be used anywhere within the sales material. Retro 1951 will have the final decision as to what is used and what will not be used).

4. The deadline is April 1st!

We look forward to seeing your yearbook photos!

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Cigar Tube Contest


The Tornado has been a part of Retro 51’s lineup for the last 16 years now. With its trademark twist-top and cool modern look, it is easily recognizable.  Just as recognizable is the nifty aluminum “cigar tube” that each Tornado is packaged in.  Besides protecting your favorite writing instrument, what other clever uses have you devised for our packaging tube?  This weeks competition will award the most unique and clever answer with the Monroe Vintage Metalsmith Tornado…  It is a textural delight with its diamond cut barrel overlaid with a dark red metallic lacquer to add a cool look and a great feel. Feel free to post a picture on Facebook, Twitter or tag us in an Instagram photo showing how you have also used your cigar tube. 

Contest ends midnight on Wednesday, July 4th!




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NEW Retro Designs!

Each May Retro 51’s offices begin to buzz with excitement as the start of the National Stationery Show approaches.  Months of hard work are finally realized as new products start to roll in and we can finally put our hands on them.  And what a feast for the senses we have this year!  New finishes, textures, concepts, and colors abound!  Here is a sneak peek of the items that will be making their debut at this year’s Stationery Show in New York on May 20th. 


Who could make a grander entrance than the King and Queen?  This pair of Tornado pens are covered in iconic playing card graphics that we hope will improve your luck, if you keep them at hand that is!  

We are particularly excited to introduce you to the Vintage Metalsmith series.  Each pen in this series has a brass barrel that has been finished with a unique process to provide some stunning results!  Whether they make you nostalgic for that old pen your grandparents used to carry, or you simply find them intriguing, we think you will love the sensory experience that these pens have to offer.  

The Jefferson and Franklin have been acid etched to produce distinctive raised designs and then treated to an antique finish.  The Lincoln also has an antiqued finish, but in a copper color that is reminiscent of a lucky penny, and finished off with a light lacquer coating for a smooth touch.  And finally, the Monroe’s diamond cut barrel is truly a textural wonder with its lacquer overlay that adds a smoothness to the texture that is quite delightful!  


Be the Big Shot again with our latest designs in this classic Retro series.  The Black Label offers yet another new finishing process with its matte black barrel that has been overlaid with contrasting black gloss checkers.  The result is not only pleasing to the eye, but gives a smooth yet ever so slightly textured feel that makes for some excellent gripping. As for the new Infusion, acrylics are always a favorite with their bold blend of colors that an acrylic material can offer.  And the Infusion does not disappoint in this regard with its mélange of vibrant colors.  The Infusion is also available in a 1.15mm Tornado pencil as well as a classic Tornado Fountain Pen!  

Last but not least and driven by our devoted fountain pen lovers we introduce the Tornado Fountain Pen EXT.  Yes, that’s right; EXT means that the barrel has been extended!  Our latest Tornado fountain in a classic White Nickel finish (look familiar?) comes loaded with two standard ink cartridges in the barrel and a converter on the side!  We think you will enjoy this new spin on a classic.  

Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear your opinions!


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