Thanksgiving Contest


Happy Thanksgiving week from everyone here at Retro 1951. We are so thankful for you our fans! As a small way of saying ‘thanks’ we wanted to have a contest giving away a ‘Peace, Love & Happiness’ limited edition Popper Tornado to you AND a person of your choosing. All you have to do is comment and say who you are thankful for (first name and your relationship with them, for example, Bob – Dad). First thing Monday morning, Dec. 1st, we will have a random drawing and give you and the person you have mentioned each a Tornado pictured above.

One entry per person. Contest entry ends at midnight Sunday November 30th, 2104.


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53 responses to “Thanksgiving Contest

  1. Scott

    Scott – Michael W. & Mike G.

  2. Lori

    Kevin-My sweetheart.

  3. Mike

    Jacqueline – Mom

  4. Naomi Love Camacho-Grand-Daughter

  5. Stephanie Smith

    Donald – Grandpa

  6. Sandy Hunter

    I’m grateful for my husband Paul, because he is without a doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

  7. William Lord

    I am thankful for my wonderful wife who always makes time for me with her busy schedule and all she does for others.

  8. Mary

    Fred-Husband 🙂

  9. Robert Rogers

    Kelly – Wife

  10. Paul kulish

    Geneva – mother

  11. Kelly Seltzer

    This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for my loving, supportive family who have been there for me through thick and thin.

  12. From Dad to Sean – Congrats on Graduation

  13. Brad

    Kristi – the better half 🙂

  14. michael peel

    Diana >> Spouse for 20 years and counting…

  15. Naomi

    Emmaline, my Valentine aka my daughter

  16. Mark

    I am thankful for my brother, Jimmy. He is my best friend, is always encouraging, and has selflessly accepted the challenge of taking care of my aging mother and step-father.

  17. Maja

    Oops! Sorry, didn’t notice I was restricted to one person, lol. My husband would love the Retro 51 Popper Tornado Ltd.Ed. pen. 😉

  18. Julie

    Harry Shubin, my husband, who always buys me the best Retro 51 pens

  19. Matt H.

    LOL, I did that wrong! I meant to say “Melinda — sister”. 🙂

  20. Keith McC

    Susan – wife.

  21. Brantley Blair

    I am very thankful for my wife and best friend, Jennifer.

  22. Mike

    Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s!

  23. Renee

    Charlie – Husband (to which he would say, “Write it on the calendar! She admitted it!” 🙂

  24. I’m thankful for Julie, my wonderful bride.

  25. Nic

    Rebecka – wife

  26. Julie

    David, my best friend and husband. 🙂

  27. Sharon Abar

    Maureen – Mom

  28. Robert Sacrison

    My wife Gloria gives me peace love and happiness, she saved my life, for which I am very thankful.

  29. My name is Bob and , lately, I’m really thankful for my dad.

  30. Stephen Ellis

    My wife and friend of many years, Nellie

  31. Debbie

    David-my boyfriend

  32. Les Nielson

    My hero and the man who taught me everything, my Dad

  33. Barry

    Wife – Andee

  34. Dolf van Munster

    “One entry per person. Contest entry ends at midnight Sunday November 30th, 2104.”

    I am not sure I am still on earth in that year!!

  35. Willene Denney


  36. Diana P

    Michael – spouse

  37. Eva J. Smith

    My ninety-six year old father Sam. I love him very much!

  38. Connie R.

    I’m thankful for my sister Debbie who also share a love for all things “pen” and especially her favorite Retro 51!

  39. Kim Hipple

    I am thankful every day for my husband of 31 years. Brad is my best friend and the love of my love

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