Caption Contest

It’s been awhile since we have had a contest to give you, our fans, a chance to win a Retro 51 fine writing instrument. We are thankful for the many fans and friends we have made over the years, so this is our way of giving back to you. To win all you have to do is follow these rules:

  1. Enter a caption (comment below) for the cartoon below.
  2. An email must be linked to the entry so we can contact you if you win.
  3. One entry per person (all other entries will be discarded)
  4. Contest ends at 8:00 AM Monday, August 24th, 2015

That’s it, just give us your best caption for the cartoon drawn by our summer intern Luke. The winner will have a chance to win one of the new Tornado designs below. The Retro 51 team will choose our three favorite captions and notified by email.

Good luck and thanks again!


The Prize:

You get to choose from one of these new Tornado designs:



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41 responses to “Caption Contest

  1. Darling, the retro 51, shimmers on my best side.

  2. Lisa C

    I always say a kiss on the hand might feel very good, but a Retro 51 lasts forever.

  3. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but a Retro 51 is Priceless.

  4. Keith McC

    Retro 51! For me? Finally, someone who knows what a real woman wants.

  5. Ben N

    Diamonds were a girl’s best friend.

  6. Jake N

    When you see a Retro 51 for the first time, you realize it’s what you’ve always wanted.

  7. Mark Ganeles

    Finally! A pen worthy of my beauty.

  8. Mimi N

    Retro 51s – classically beautiful.

  9. A Lady Of Class,Prestige,And Good Taste, Gazes In awe at The Gem Regally Placed
    Golden Stars Dress A Turquoise Evening Hue…Red Velvet pillow Embracing “Tornado” Cyan Blue,

  10. Vasileios

    A moment ago I there were so many stars… Now I can see only one!

  11. OKE

    The way to a woman’s heart – a Retro51 writing instrument!

  12. l1feis2sh0rt

    Oh my. Now my outfit is complete Darling.
    “Life is too short to carry an
    Ugly Pen!”

  13. Ronald McVicar

    “Oh Harold, I don’t know what to say!”

    “Then write it my love.”

  14. Rob Sacrison

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s is never complete until I sign the check with a Retro 51.
    — Audrey Hepburn

  15. Brantley Blair

    For the woman who has everything, but never knew what she was missing. Retro 51…fleetness and grace.

  16. dunster

    1946: Dear, what did you invent now again?

  17. Sharon A.

    Oh honey! This is so much nicer than the pen you gave me in 1951.

  18. Richard W

    Finally a pen that’s as stylish as I am

  19. Kathy Arnett

    A Tornado is a girl’s best friend!

  20. Mary Monahan

    My Lady, A Retro Pen for your thoughts!

  21. David Dawson

    He bent down on one knee…She said “Yes!”

  22. S Sarkar

    Retro 51 – The sparkle that leaves you speechless!

  23. Oh! Thank goodness! It’s better than the ring I was expecting!

  24. Renée Barr

    Finally, something that has me seeing stars without needing batteries! 😉 Thank you, Retro 51. Love, Juliet.

  25. Chanel said that a girl should be two things – classy and fabulous. Why would I expect any less from my pen?

  26. Barry W

    I’ve finally found the classiest accessory this goddess could ask for: a stunning blue Tornado to accent my diamonds!

  27. Dan Wilson

    I meant pin cushion Jeeves but since you have my darling here I will compose a letter to Edwina.

  28. Maja

    Everyday glamour…courtesy of Retro 51.

  29. Well, when you put it that way, I will gladly marry you.

  30. Adam Blaine

    Who needs jewellery?

  31. Adam Guttin

    You always know the write things for a lady.

  32. Oh my! You made a pen fashionable enough for me!

  33. “And the winner is… Anyone who owns a Retro 51 pen!”

  34. Butler: ” Your Jewelry My Lady!”
    Lady:” Thank you Jeeves! I never feel properly dressed until I’m carrying my Retro 51 pen!”

  35. For me Oh you shouldn’t have…But it’s a Retro, so yes you should!

  36. John Foreman

    “Daaahhhling ! I feared you were only giving me diamonds. Life is too short to carry an ugly pen!”

  37. Angela Arbuckle

    Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but I only my Tornado to sign the checks that buy them.

  38. I was hoping for something in a princess cut, darling, but you’ve really outdone yourself this time!

  39. Finally a pen that is not ugly! My life is complete.

  40. Dearest mother, tonight my love gave me a Retro 51. I think it is safe to say he is the one.

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