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Q&A with Jennifer

Not only do the employees at Retro 1951 work here, but we all believe in the product we sell. With this blog post (and future posts) we will show off Jennifer’s collection because we are fortunate to have great products at our fingertips! Jennifer works in sales and has been with Retro for five years.

What was your first Retro pen you bought?

VRR-1313 Pink Classic Lacquer
How many do you own now? 22 (Here is a photo of the ones I have here at work)


Which one is your favorite?

Safari (Tortoise) desk set pen, Minnie Mouse BP from the Mickey Mouse & Friends Collection


Do you regret not buying a Retro product that is now gone/discontinued?

Yes, the Scripmaster Series II Twist Ballpoint in Tortoise. Such a beautiful pen!


What is the next one you want to buy?

I love the new Snapper design that is coming out this Spring, can’t wait to get it!

What has been your pen of choice lately? Why?

The black Hex-o-matic ballpoint because I like the slimmer grip and lighter weight.


Rollerball, fountain, ballpoint or pencil?

Ballpoint because I grip my pens very close to the tip and the easy-flow works best with my writing style.

Retro fans: what is your favorite pen in Jennifer’s collection? Comments?


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Retro Costume Contest


It’s that time of year for trick or treating, costumes and candy, lots of candy! Well, Retro 1951 is having a contest where you can win one of several Retro 51 treats including the one of a kind Retro 51 Tornado (see below). So put on your costume and read the rules below.


1. Photo yourself, your kid or your pet IN COSTUME with a sign that says “Life is too short to carry an Ugly Pen!” with your smart phone (No Photoshopped entries will be accepted).

2. Post the photo on Facebook.com/Retro51 or on Twitter tag @Retro1951 and you will be entered. One entry per customer.

3. The Retro 51 team will  judge their favorite costumes based on originality, hilarity or whatever is the coolest! (Please keep it tasteful too).

4. Contest ends Friday, November 1st at noon CST. Winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter Monday at 11 CST.

Grand Prize: One of Kind Tornado. Your choice of one of these (from left to right): Stealth to Chrome, Wavy Orange Groove Writer, Blue and Chrome stripe, Creme Croco leather and Snakeskin leather with rose gold accents.


1st Place: Lincoln Fountain


2nd Place: Choose between the Bocote (top) or Goncalo (bottom) wood Tornado


3rd, 4th and 5th place: Choose a Refill 3-pack (Rollerball or Easy Flow/ Black or Blue)


Good luck!


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