11 responses to “Q&A with George

  1. Maja

    Thanks so much for sharing your collection with us, George! I hadn’t seen (or didn’t know the names of) some of those Retro 51 models before…

  2. Randy Prasse

    I am looking for a replacement Tommy Bahama / Retro 51 Hula Pen that my wife bought me years ago. I lost it and cannot find one anywhere– not even Retro 51 can find me one! Help!

  3. Finally! I have a dark green version of that early 200 series fountain pen. I bought it back in 1995(ish) and I’ve been trying to find out information about it for a while. Can you point me to more information about it? The wood box it came in got destroyed in a move (I also never liked it because it didn’t stay shut.)

    The pen itself has held up reasonably well. A lot of the gold plating has worn off but it still looks respectable. Also, I had to have the nib repaired by Mike Masuyama after I dropped it. He did a great job and it’s never written better.

    • Thanks for your comment Dwayne. Is your 200 Series still working? It’s almost 20 years old, pretty cool. Let me know what kind of information you would like and I will try to provide it. We do not make anymore of the 200 Series, but there are still models out there for sale on ebay and other fountain pen websites if you are looking for another one.

      • Yes, it’s still working. The only problem I had was dropping it and then getting the nib repaired. With the repaired nib it writes better than ever.

        I mostly want to know the actual name of the pen. Is it simply the 200 Series or does it have a name such as Tornado? Thanks.

  4. Yes, it was called the 200 Series or the Classic 200. We stopped making this series in about 1999-2000. A collector just posted a photo on our Facebook wall (https://www.facebook.com/Retro51) with some 200 Series he is looking to trade or sell if you are interested. Glad to hear it’s still going!

  5. Charlotte Love

    Hi, can you share what refill type these Classic 200 pens use? I’ve tried emailing the sales contact and have not received a reply. Thanks!

  6. Patience

    Hi, I seem to have a Retro 51 Classic 200 series black and gold fountain pen in a wooden case with paper sleeve. I am trying to find out what kind of nib it came with. The nib says “iridium point” on the gold nib with silver colored edge at the top. And what kind of ink cartridges it needs. I think I got it as a gift back in the mid 1990’s. Perhaps in 1989 for graduation. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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